How To Detect Your Company Human Resources Management In Dangers?

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Human Resources is considered the core component of the company, Without HR, the company will not be able to run smoothly and successfully. As the core component of the company, managing human resources is the most important as well as a critical task. So, the failure of the Human Resource Management System of and organization extensively hinders the organization's progress. Also, when the company fails to manage its people in a proper way, the achievement of the organization's mission and vision is greatly hampered and it shows that an unstable working environment caused profound employee dissatisfaction and reduces the productivity of individual employees and the whole team.

Reasons for Human Resource Management Failure

There are plenty of reasons related to the failure of the HR system of an organization. Here we listed 5 signs to check if your HR Management in risk.

1.      Micro-Level Management

Micromanagement is where managers feel the need to control aspects of their employee's work & decision-making to an extreme degree - more than is necessary or healthy for a usual working relationship.


Micromanagement is a sign of weak leadership because, in this case, the subordinates feel that their leader loses their trust in them and stops thinking, understanding, and realizing what they are doing.


2.      Prioritize System over Human

When a company depends too much on the systems, it forgets that it is people who should control the system but not the system control people. So, when a company gives its full concentration on new system development, without changing the organizational culture, with an expectation that it will fix everything and underestimate the human resource, it loses its long-run sustainability. Because in the future, there is a possibility that people will stop using it.

3.      Underestimating the Power of Right Human Resource

Another reason is when a company keeps involving the wrong person instead of the people having the right skills at the right time. This will make failure demotivates effective people, and their knowledge and skills remain unutilized and cause human resource management failure.

One part of HR is to conduct skill assessments of employees on a regular basis. It will help them pick the right person to reward and identify the remiss of the penalty. Also, it is essential to understand the capability of the employee before delegating any assignment.


4.      Laxity to Measures Employee satisfaction

When one organization faces high employee turnover, it signs of an inactive HR system. Employees mainly resign when they find no significant development and growth in their career, unfriendly working environment, and micromanaging bosses. An active HR management system measures employee satisfaction from time to time and takes necessary measures when someone has been found dissatisfied. When HR failed to measure this, it will lead to keeping losing the head account in the company.


5.      Breaking of the Chain of Command

The chain of command plays the most important role to establish discipline in the organizational workflow. The chain of command normally breaks when the supreme management cannot trust the mid-level management and start interacting with the lower-level employee.

In summary, it's important to make sure your organization has a great Human Resources Management system. To find out more about how to improve your human resources management system using MyERP.