How To Deal With "Customers Always Right"

 How to Deal with “Customers Always Right!!!”

Simply saying the customer is always right doesn’t make it so. Sometimes customers are wrong and employees, business owners, or salespeople need to know how to handle them accordingly. Taking ownership of a mistake that the business is not accountable for is a slippery slope.


3 Tips Overcome Customers Always Right:

1. Focus on Empty

No matter what direction the conversation takes, it’s important to maintain empathy and positivity at all times. Your consideration, commitment, and confidence in issue resolution will keep customers calm and collected when they’re frustrated. Keep your mind, that you need to listen not to answer them back but you need to listen to understand their problem.

2. Find a Solution, not an excuse, or who is right and who is wrong.

Try to approach problems with an open mind and see them from different perspectives. It can be tricky when you feel like you’re faced with challenge after challenge to overcome but being a little innovative with your solutions can really get the brain going – it can even be fun! See incoming customer dilemmas as a satisfying puzzle to solve.

3. Explain to customers their wrong but in polite ways.

Please always remember that telling someone they’re wrong is a way of saving them from their own ignorance. If you’re focused on proving someone wrong, it’s probably all about your ego. Also, it is hard to focus and solve the problem when it involves ego feeling from both sides. So, you can try this tip: “Don’t react, respond.” If you feel the impulse to shout “you’re wrong,” you’re reacting. Stop and take a breath before you respond. It can help to explain to customers their faults without making them feel offended.


I hope these tips can help business owners, salespeople, or entrepreneurs out there improve their customer service.

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